• Healthy Living and Longevity Globalizer Summit 2024

About the Healthy Living and Longevity Globalizer Summit

Imagine living a life brimming with energy and purpose, even as you age. The Healthy Living and Longevity Globalizer Summit celebrates the transformative potential of longer lifespans and explores how they reshape our world.  With more people over 65 than under five years of age, and a projected threefold increase in those over 80 by 2050, this shift isn’t just about aging; it’s a revolutionary change touching every aspect of life.   Drawing from the insights and lived experiences of social entrepreneurs, the Summit presents a global hub of cutting-edge ideas that are shaping the future of New Longevity built on Healthy Living practices.   

The Summit provides a platform for social entrepreneurs to receive feedback and to strengthen their strategies. It explores how sports, exercise, discovering one's purpose, contributing to society, and mindfulness can be leveraged to extend happier, healthier lifespans, allowing individuals to thrive in their later years. Embracing these principles of healthy living not only enhances individual well-being but also fosters a more vibrant and sustainable society.  




Welcome & Your Family Session

5th June, 4pm - 6pm

We will commence with a welcome session followed by 'Your Family,' a transformative 90-minute session designed by Ashoka to empower individuals in recognizing and fostering their family members and peers as changemakers. This day is exclusively for Fellows and team members.


Strategy Day

6th June, 8:30 am- 7:30 pm

Ashoka Fellows will present their strategies for systems change in Healthy Living and Longevity, followed by in-depth conversations with Strategy Thought Partners (STPs) to gain valuable insights and collaboration opportunities to refine and strengthen their strategic approaches.


Leadership Day

7th June, 9am-5pm 

Ashoka Fellows and team members participating in the program will explore collaboration with each other on their strategic systemic goals.  Furthermore, they will reflect on their changemaking journeys as systems change leaders. and dive into individual challenges through peer-to-peer circles and other interactive sessions. This day is exclusively for Fellows and team members.

Social Entrepreneurs

Strategy Thought Partners


Here is a list of definitions of the terms that you may find when going through the social entrepreneurs’ Strategy Decks.

Here is an introduction to social entrepreneurship and systems change that outlines the systems change pedagogy used during the Globalizer Accelerator. 

In this toolkit, we have put together messages and visuals that make it easy to share this experience with your network.  

Please see the Communication Guide for further information about the Summit. 

Why Madrid?

Madrid is the ultimate choice to host the Healthy Living and Longevity Summit in 2024. Renowned for its unwavering commitment to promoting health and well-being, the city stands as a symbol of innovation and collaboration. Madrid has cultivated a comprehensive approach to health over the years, fostering a culture where healthy living is deeply ingrained in daily life rather than just a passing trend.  

Supported by a dynamic healthcare infrastructure and a flourishing ecosystem of wellness initiatives, Madrid spearheads the global movement towards holistic health and longevity. With dedicated leaders and grassroots efforts driving change, Madrid warmly invites change-makers from around the world to unite in this transformative journey towards a healthier, happier future.  

This year, the Healthy Living and Longevity Globalizer Summit 2024 will convene at Universidad Camilo José Cela, campus Castellana, Madrid, Spain.This new campus meets "the highest standards of sustainability, energy efficiency and wellbeing, including the prestigious 'Leed Platinum' certification". 

Convened by

Fit for Life Foundation